Set up Messages for Facebook Chats

Did you know you can use Apple Messages to conduct chats with your Facebook friends? Although Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion includes some degree of Facebook integration, oddly that integration does not extend to Messages directly. No worries, though. It’s quite easy to set up.

1: If you don’t know it offhand go to Facebook, then Account Settings -> Email, and find your Facebook email address, it will be in the form

2: Open Messages, then choose Preferences under the Messages menu item. Click on Accounts.

3: Click the “+” (add account) button at the bottom left of the dialog and enter as follows …


Account Type: Jabber
Account Name (USERNAME is the same as Facebook email)
Password: Your Facebook password

Click the little grey triangle to show the advanced settings and enter

Port: 5222

SSL is unchecked. “Use Kerebos …” is unchecked.

4: Click Done

You are ready to chat with your Facebook friends without using a browser or dedicated app.